• Why Should You CRM?

    Customer relationship management (CRM) is a term that refers to how you track and manage the communication that you have with your customers. CRM is about managing your customer phone calls, customer emails, customer meetings, customer notes and much more. Snapforce takes customer relationship management (CRM) and combines it with our state of the art technology to bring you a line of unbeatable CRM software products. With Snapforce CRM your software system learns about your customers, tracks their behavior, and monitors customer patterns to deliver you the information that matters most. Almost instantly you will notice a strong improvement in customer service, and overtime it continues to strengthen. Snapforce CRM is the foundation for building long lasting customer relationships.

    Deploying a Snapforce CRM solution for your business will increase production and operation efficiency almost immediately. Human error will be reduced drastically and overall customer retention will shoot through the roof, providing your business the longevity you have been looking for.

  • Choosing Your CRM Product

    When searching for the right CRM it is very easy to get carried away and end up spending countless days, weeks and for some even months searching for the perfect software. That of coarse is not an ideal purchasing process for your business, wasting valuable time testing so many different products will most likely just confuse you more. The best way to approach your software purchase is to be responsibly knowledgable on the industry, understand the key reasons why some providers charge a large amount of money and other providers charge a tiny amount of money (usually the differences will be obvious almost instantly). Conduct a thorough round of due diligence, we recommend comparing three providers. A good place to start is with Snapforce CRM, Salesforce, and Sugar CRM.

    The most important questions to have answers to before making your CRM purchase are: 1. Is the CRM technical support an additional cost, if it is how much of a cost? 2. Is the CRM payment cycle monthly or annually, and if any other upfront fees are included? 3. Are there additional expenses apart from the monthly or annual CRM license fees? A good example is data storage, a lot of the newer website based CRM providers are offering their products at very small license fees, and do not realize they are required to pay for data storage.

  • CRM Solutions

    CRM solutions are available to assist your customer support, sales, and marketing operations with a common goal, to help take your business success to entirely new levels. Good CRM Software is great for building long term customer relationships, but will also allow your business to operate in a streamline fashion. Automating business processes has never been easier, provide all employees a complete customer profile, provide management an easy and in depth analysis of company operations, assist your sales force with deeper insight into leads and opportunities, and compress your organization as a whole into a single operating unit under one company wide CRM system.

    CRM Solutions for your Sales Force. Convert more leads into customers by optimizing lead management, CRM to provide your sales team an in-depth understanding of each lead in real time, keep sales agents positive and productive, provide sales reps tools to monitor and track their production, forecast future sales and commissions, and help understand immediately what is working versus what is not.

    All of which translates to more deals, happy customers, minimal attrition, and a strong bottom line.